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From wax-coated and waterproof string to custom charms and engravings, we've got the perfect bracelet for you!

Pick your colors + extras

Choose from hundreds of color combinations and finishes to create 100% unique party favors, fundraising styles and more.

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Once an order is placed our global artisans will begin handcrafting your one-of-a-kind styles. Custom orders ship in 3-5 weeks.


Special Events
Weddings / Bridal
Party Favors
Baby Shower / Gender Reveals
Corporate Gifting


Made for you

Literally! You can customize each bracelet down to the knot color. We can't wait to see what you create!


Every custom bracelet is handmade by our team of worldwide artisans.

So many styles

Create your own original bracelet for as low as $4 or upgrade to our charms and engraving options for an extra level of customization!

Special string

Wax-coated string bracelets built to last through all your special occasions and adventures.

Get Inspired

There are endless possibilities with our custom bracelets. Whether you're creating wedding favors, fundraising styles for your sports team or a friendship pack for you and your friends, we have you covered!

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Unique Styles

rated 4.8 Stars by 600+ happy customers
Jessica W.

"Great idea for a fundraiser! Purchased 50 bracelets as a fundraiser for my father awaiting a kidney transplant. They were awesome and sold out in less than 24 hours. I just ordered another 100!"

rated 4.8 Stars by 600+ happy customers
Lisa B

"I ordered custom Pura Vida bracelets for a school fundraiser. But just as the bracelets arrived, COVID-19 hit and schools shut down. I decided to sell them to raise money for our entire school district instead! The response has been so amazing, the first 50 sold out within hours and I ordered another 100 that day!"

rated 4.8 Stars by 600+ happy customers
Nick M.

"My wife and I were looking for the perfect wedding gift to give to our guests. We wanted something simple, but with a lot of meaning. We found Pura Vida Bracelets and immediately knew we had to have them. 100% worth the wait. Our custom bracelets serve as a way for those memories to live beyond the photos."

rated 4.8 Stars by 600+ happy customers
Ashley P.

"This was a quick and easy way to raise funds for our children’s hospital. As always, well packaged and quality products. We sold out in DAYS and then placed a second order."

rated 4.8 Stars by 600+ happy customers
Ashely W.

"JUST PERFECT… We created our bracelet in honor of a precious relative gone too soon. The blue, white and green braids represent his love of the outdoors... snow, water, trees and mountains. The tie is black as we are in mourning. They’re amazing and a beautiful link to our loved ones and each other."

rated 4.8 Stars by 600+ happy customers
Erica K.

"Ordered customized Pura Vida bracelets to support my kids’ school. Everyone loved it! Now that they’re on distance learning, the kids wear it to show school spirit during their online classes."

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I choose how many strings per color for my bracelet?

To make sure our custom design program runs as smoothly as possible, we’ve chosen default color combos for 9-string bracelets. If you choose 2 different colors, you’ll have four strings in one color and five of the other. If you choose 3 colors, you’ll have 3 of each color. This makes it easier for our artisans to handcraft your personalized bracelets and get them to you ASAP!

How much can I sell my custom bracelet for?

Totally up to you! At Pura Vida, our retail price is $7 for each Original bracelet and $11 for each Braided bracelet, but every fundraising effort has its own needs and requirements. Feel free to sell your bracelets at whatever price you think will generate the most money for your cause.

Do I have to use a credit card for my custom order?

Yes, but we also accept payments using Apple Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Afterpay. 

What if I need bracelets in less than 3-5 weeks?

Unfortunately, our talented global artisans need time to make sure each and every one of your bracelets turns out exactly the way you want them. That’s why the typical turnaround time for custom bracelets is 3-5 weeks.

What if my organization is tax-exempt?

Just send us a quick email tofundraise@puravidabracelets.comwith your order number and proper state-specific tax-exempt form, and we’ll refund your sales tax! Unfortunately, resale licenses are not valid forms of tax exemption. 

Are Custom Bracelets final sale?

Because these bracelets are handcrafted specifically for you, these products are final sale. You can view our full returns policy here.