10 Ways to be Happier

Life moves so quickly. Sometimes we forget just how fast. It is already February and it seems as if only yesterday we rang in the New Year.
So it is nice to slow down sometimes. Wearing a Pura Vida bracelet means you are experiencing life at a more amplified level than most. When you see life in color, when you live it with more passion and appreciate your surroundings; more inspires you. We all start with something and we let that something grow. Pura Vida has grown into a lifestyle brand that exudes the positivity we all need to keep going. And not only is Pura Vida a lifestyle we strive to embody, but it is a brand that is breaking the boundaries of fashion in the accessories market while giving back to the community through charities such as For the Planet, the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America and the American Institute for Cancer Research. The bracelets are colorful, vivid, stylish and easy-to-wear; they go with almost everything. Stack them, mix them, match them or don’t. Do whatever it is that makes you feel good because that is the purpose of the brand. To allow you as the consumer to make each day a little bit brighter. Below is a simple list of things you can do to make your day better. Because yes, we may all have work tomorrow, and yes we have to get up early. But be thankful for the fact that you have a job, and that you have the day to live. Because a lot of people don’t have those same opportunities which you take for granted. Things to do to make you happier:
  1. Take somebody out to lunch or dinner. And just take them for no other reason than you appreciate them. Sometimes we emphasize money too much, when in the grand scheme of things, paying the bill on a $30 tab won’t really make a difference in your life.
  2. Make a list of all the things you want to achieve for the week, no matter how impossible each task may seem. Just make a list and complete it. Whether your list is a simple to-do list or it has something crazy on it, doing it will make you feel accomplished and that much better about your life.
  3. Step outside. Give yourself a little break, breathe in the fresh air, look around and examine the life that is literally teeming in front of you.
  4. Go see a movie by yourself. If you really want to, and none of your friends are willing to venture with you, than just go. We need to start doing things for ourselves, because in the long run it’ll only make us happier.
  5. Be more honest with the people around you and ultimately be more honest with yourself. If you like somebody, don’t be afraid to talk about it with him or her. And if you hate something that a person consistently does in your presence, tell said person (in a nice way) because he or she probably doesn’t even realize it is happening.
  6. Don’t be afraid to spend money on yourself. I have found that buying a newer, more expensive outfit isn’t always the worst thing. Buy Coachella tickets because that is something you really want to do. It is okay to splurge... I mean that's why it's called “splurging” - because it doesn’t happen all the time.
  7. Pick up the phone and call people. Don't text so much. Try to Snapchat a little less and experience people on a more elevated, interpersonal level.
  8. Exercise! Endorphins make you happy. And exercising is one of the best ways to not only feel that natural high, but to feel good about yourself and your body.
  9. Don’t focus on the negative. So you failed your test – do better next time. You maybe didn’t stick to your diet this week – try harder this upcoming week. And maybe, you made a fool of yourself in front of that person you like. Ultimately, you can’t go back in time and change anything, so just move on. If whatever happened with this person caused them to change his or her opinion of you so much that they don't want to talk to you any more, than they weren’t worth your time to begin with
  10. Smile. Smile at strangers. Spark up conversation with the grocer at Trader Joe’s. People are usually pretty friendly, and if anything, you’ll make someone's day a little brighter just by recognizing the fact that he or she isn't merely there to bag your food or serve your meals at a restaurant.
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