5 Best International Destinations for Music Lovers

If you’re a true music lover, you know that you can’t stick to just one genre to truly appreciate the art. In fact, you probably have dabbled in several genres and love them each for their own uniqueness. It’s possible you even play an instrument or two yourself, were in a band (or desperately wanted to be), have obsessed over a drummer or two and definitely are a big concert-goer. Like big. So you’ve checked out all the best venues around, have done a few stops at Lollapalooza or Coachella, and dropped by a good open mic night for some local talent. So where to next? Here are five of the best (trust me there are loads) international destinations for music lovers.

Vienna, Austria

Picture2 As a music lover, you know that Vienna is the City of Music. And if you didn’t, well it might be time to go "Bach" to the classics and be "Schubert" to trek on over to this stunning city. Vienna is home to some of the biggest giants of classical music, from Beethoven to Brahms, Mozart, Strauss, and Haydn. Vienna celebrates each of their legacies annually with a performance season that starts in September and ends in June. There are also nine different festivals each year along with the famous Vienna Philharmonic. Some music lovers would consider seeing them perform in the Wiener Konzerthaus a definite bucket-list item.

Kingston, Jamaica

Picture3 For not only some bumping music but also some bumping culture, Jamaica is a sure showstopper. The Caribbean is known as a beautiful travel destination, but don’t make that the main reason why you pick it as your next vacay. Known as the musical heartbeat of the Caribbean, Jamaica’s Reggae is one of the most internationally recognized music genres. Built from Jamaican folk music and calypso with American jazz and blues, Reggae’s rhythm and flows have made it a top pick for many music connoisseurs. Along with this, Reggae is popular for artists to express their thoughts on political and social conditions and even is used as a mighty tool for “change.” While you’re there, be sure to stop by the Bob Marley Museum. So “get up, stand up” and “lively up yourself” with a little bit of the pioneer of Reggae’s top hits.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Picture4 The United States is home to a plethora of rockin’ music festivals, but we breezed over the likes of Cleveland and Seattle and Nashville (because, well, it’s country) for New Orleans for its exquisite history and lively music scene. Known as the birthplace of American jazz, New Orleans is famous for the annual New World Rhythms Festival and exploding Mardi Gras festival. These aside, Congo Square features local music around the clock and be sure to swing by Preservation Hall. Known as the best jazz venue (and a French Quarter institution), this venue isn’t just for its smooth and silky sounds but is also a gallery and photo studio. So if you want a little bit (okay a lotta bit) of culture with your music, New Orleans is a great destination.


Picture5 It’s a stunner, that’s for sure, but probably not for what you’re thinking of. Japan has the second largest music market in the world and music has played a huge part in its history and culture. In the Samurai culture, they would listen to Buddhist chanting or orchestral court music during training to become more enlightened. But today, Japan isn’t just the perfect stop for their orchestras. Japanese Pop and even Jazz have boomed and dance groups seem to really find a home in Japan. Don’t be surprised too, if while on a Japan tour you stop by a few good karaoke bars. Japan is home to the first karaoke machine and travelers the world around never miss an opportunity to drop by a few while on vacation. Oh and guess what? Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray even filmed in one for Lost in Translation. So if you venture that way, take the time to check out Karaoke Kan for some good fun and film worship.

Berlin, Germany

Picture6 With music comes great flavor, and you better believe that Berlin is on our stop for flavorful music cities. From classically trained musicians to punk rockers and more, Berlin’s Kreuzberg district is known as the historic home of Berlin’s punk rock movement. Today, the city still continues to draw music lovers the world around. Even if you don’t love punk rock or classical music, the SO36 music club in Berlin was a favorite destination for David Bowie and Iggy Pop. If you’re a house music lover Berlin is also a great destination. With its pulsating beats, the experimental Echtzeitmusik found its home among house lovers all over Berlin. Check out Madame CLAUDE, an underground bar that features live Echtzeitmusik. Berlin is definitely a fun crazed spot for anyone wanting to find something new and exciting. By: Vincent Strokes
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