5 Ways to Focus on your Mental Health

No matter where you're at in life, if you're smack dab in the middle of a storm or if you're sitting on a mountain top -- your health matters. But we're not talking exercise and a good meal plan (although these things are key!), we're talking about your emotional well-being. We're here to open up the conversation about the state of your mental health because let's face it, it's not talked about as much as it needs to be. 

We know the conversation can be a bit uncomfortable for those that haven't experienced it themselves. So if you fall into the category of struggling with mental health yet don't know where to turn -- we're here to guide you! Here's some things that can help get you through any rough season.

1. Find your 'Happy Place'.

The beach, a walk through the neighborhood, a view overlooking your city -- where is that one place where time stands still and your mind finds rest? Find your secret escape and go there... Often!

2. Give yourself grace.

It's okay not to be okay! Be open and honest with yourself and accept all that you're feeling, even if it's negative! If you want to spend the day curled up in bed with the blackout curtains in full effect -- call up your emergency 'shoulder to cry on' and let it all out.

3. Get refreshed!

Once you find enough strength to peal yourself out of bed, plan a well-deserved 'Me Day'. As much as living under a rock sounds more appealing right now, I promise some good old fashion sunshine will be good for your soul. ☀️ 

4. Journal, journal, journal!

There's something therapeutic about writing out your thoughts with a pen and paper. It's as if the words have been trapped in your mind and you're finally setting them free. So go get yourself a cute new journal, grab your favorite pen, and start letting things go and finding some freedom.📝💗

5. Talk about it. 

I know -- this one sounds scary. Do it only when you're ready, it's a big step! But you'd be surprised how much lighter you feel when you let people in. And if you're having a hard time finding the right person to do that with, consider seeing a therapist! (My therapist is becoming my best friend! 💁‍♀️) 


You can also show your support, help bring awareness and normalize the topic of
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Photos: @alettrich
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