DIY Fall-Themed Bouquet!

If you’re looking for a fun DIY project this weekend (and you happen to love flowers as much as we do), you’re in luck!

Inspired by the Flower Bars we have at our PV pop-ups, this DIY Fall Bouquet is super quick and easy, and will have you making it again and again all season long! You can choose whichever flowers you'd like, but we went with a fall theme.

Heres what we used:

  1. 1. Euro Pompons (orange)
  2. 2. Baby’s Breath
  3. 3. Faux Wheat (orange)
  4. 4. Faux Pods
  5. 5. A vase
  6. 6. Floral tape (optional)
  7. 7. Plant food (optional)
  8. 8. Strong scissors

Once you have all your supplies ready, it’s time to get started!

Step 1: Trim your stems!

You’ll want to trim your stems so your flowers are only slightly taller than the vase (we left ours about 4 inches taller than our vase, see below). When the flowers are all trimmed to about the same size, you’ll end up with a more cohesive-looking bouquet.

Step 2: Feed your flowers and get taping!

Before you start taping, you’ll want to empty the flower food into your vase. Then, using 1 piece of tape at a time, create a grid-like pattern over the vase. Make sure the spaces are large enough to fit your flower stems through them! Although this step is optional, creating a grid pattern on your vase gives your stems some extra support, resulting in a much fuller arrangement. It's a super simple way to give your bouquet a professional touch!

Step 3: It’s time to begin!

Pick which set of flowers you’ll be using first (we recommend starting with the stockiest ones, we started with the Euro Pompons!) and start laying them into your vase as you see fit. If you’re using tape, you’ll notice that the grid should be holding the flowers upright, offering them a ton of support!

Step 4: Add the rest of your flowers!

Once you’ve laid out your plan with the first set of flowers, it’s time to go in and add the rest! We went with the Baby’s Breath first, and then the Faux Wheat, and we finished with the Faux Pods.

Step 5: Hydration station!

Add some water into your vase, and you’re ready to roll!

Here’s what our final bouquet looked like:

Happy DIY-ing!

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