How to Make a Custom Bracelet Online at Pura Vida

Getting a piece of custom jewelry made is such a special, unique way to show off your personality and rock a style that’s completely one-of-a-kind. But… It's not always easy! 

Sure, there are many types of bracelets out there–like string bracelets, beaded bracelets, and others– but the incredible selection of personalized bracelets at Pura Vida really stand out from the pack are sure to be some of your new faves!

Continue reading through this guide as we walk you through how to make a custom bracelet that feels like it was made just for you… (because it was!) 🥰

Why Custom Bracelets are SO Much More Fun

Before we get into how to make a custom bracelet, let’s first remind ourselves why custom bracelets are such a great jewelry option in the first place. 

Create Something Amazing For That Special Someone

It’s always SO fun to make a custom bracelet for yourself, but your next custom Pura Vida piece doesn’t have to be for you! They also make the perfect surprise gift for someone special in your life. 

Not only are you gifting them a quality piece of jewelry they’ll enjoy, but you’re also making sure that it’s perfectly tailored to their interests and preferences. Giving someone a custom-made bracelet really goes the extra mile in giving them a piece you know they’ll love. 

Treat Yourself to Something That’s as Unique as You Are

You know yourself best–so who better to make you a custom bracelet?! 

There are, of course, tons of amazing bracelets online already, but treating yourself to something personalized and that you can craft on your own can be even more special. 

Commemorate Life’s Big Moments With Meaningful Jewelry

When it comes to embracing the big moments and milestones in life, there’s no better way to celebrate than with custom bracelets or other jewelry pieces! 🎉

Whether you’ve just graduated, adopted a new furry friend, or gone on a life-changing adventure, you can craft a custom bracelet to commemorate the occasion so you can carry those cherished moments with you everywhere, every day. 

How to Make a Custom Bracelet Online at Pura Vida

Now that we know alllll about how a custom bracelet gives you a unique opportunity to craft a piece that is super unique and perfectly matches your personality and aesthetic, let’s talk about how to do it.  

Everyone knows that Pura Vida has the best personalized jewelry you can find, so let's start there. 😏 Here are all the steps you need to know for making a custom bracelet at Pura Vida: 

Step 1) Choose Your Bracelet

First step to creating your own custom bracelet with Pura Vida: selecting the bracelet style you want to start with!

Go ahead and browse our selections of bracelets for women and bracelets for guys to find our engravable styles that match your style and the vibe of what you’re looking for best. 

You can take this in lots of different directions: we have string bracelets, braided bracelets, and metal bracelets that are customizable and ready for you to make your mark.

Step 2) Add Your Custom Engraving

Next, you’ll notice that you can add custom engraving to the metal piece of the bracelet! This is where you can show off your creativity and charm by adding a word, phrase, date, or symbol that’s special to you or the person you’re gifting the bracelet to. 

Step 3) Choose a Font

The customization doesn’t stop there: not only can you get the bracelet engraved with a word, phrase, or date, but you can also choose from five different fonts! 

The choices span from the classics like “Courier” to Pura Vida’s very own “chasing waves” font. There are plenty of options to help you find the best choice for you. 

Step 4) Add Symbols if You’d Like!

After you engrave words or dates on your custom bracelets, we also have *dozens* of symbols that you can choose from to make your piece even more special. 

To name a few, we have tropical symbols like palm trees, waves, shooting stars and even peace signs! Trus: you won’t have any issues finding a symbol that you love to add to your custom bracelet. 🥰

Step 5) Check Out and Let Us Handle the Rest!

Spend some time taking a final look at your creation and marveling at the beautiful creation you’ve made (and ensure all spelling is correct. 😉)  Once you love how your custom bracelet looks, simply check out, and we’ll handle all the hands-on customization work ourselves! Before you know it, your one-of-a-kind custom bracelet will be waiting at your door!

Why Customize Your Bracelet at Pura Vida?

Pura Vida is your one 👏 stop 👏 shop for all things engraved jewelry. Between our quality, artisan-crafted jewelry and our important mission that grounds everything we do, there are plenty of reasons why Pura Vida makes the perfect go-to store for personalized pieces. 

High-Quality Jewelry That Stands the Test of Time

You may know us for having the best bracelets for men and best bracelets for women, but that’s not all we have to offer. All of our jewelry is high quality and well loved by our customers. Because our jewelry is long-lasting, you can fully enjoy the pieces for years to come without worrying that they’ll easily fray or fall apart. 

Remind Yourself to Slow Down and Celebrate Life’s Simple Pleasures

At Pura Vida, we pride ourselves in helping our customers adopt the “pura vida” lifestyle of taking a deep breath, slowing down, and enjoying the simple pleasures that the world has to offer. 

Our founders fell in love with this laid-back lifestyle on a graduation trip down to Costa Rica back in 2010, and have been inspired by this community-based way of life ever since. Each piece that we offer aims to instill that same inspiration for everyone in the Pura Vida community. 🫶

You Can Help Support Our Mission to Leave a Lasting Impact

Above all, everything we do here at Pura Vida is rooted in the mission of supporting the hard-working artisans who craft our jewelry pieces, and continuing to give back to our community wherever we possibly can. 

To date, we have donated over $4 million to more than 200 different partners. We love supporting charities and causes that are making a difference in the world, which allows us to continue spreading the Pura Vida message to all corners of the Earth. 🌎

Explore Other Custom Jewelry We Have to Offer

Beyond our amazing custom bracelets, we have plenty of other options for personalized jewelry that you can choose from! 

You need to check out our engraved rings available in silver, gold, or rose gold, and, of course, our selection of engraved necklaces in different finishes and shapes like hearts, circles, or the standard bar option. 

Each custom Pura Vida piece looks amazing worn alone, or gives you a stunning stacked style when worn all together. 

Wrapping Up: How to Make a Custom Bracelet Online at Pura Vida

Now you have everything you need to make a custom bracelet online at Pura Vida! Now that you’ve learned all about what makes our shop so special, there’s no reason to search for unique bracelets from anywhere else. 

Even if you’re not looking for personalized jewelry at the moment, feel free to check out our other collections like our stunning 18k gold bracelets and sterling silver bracelets to wear on a night out on the town, or you can learn how to stack bracelets with our artisan bracelets and handmade bracelets for a more casual, everyday look. 

Shop Pura Vida today to join the movement and create a one-of-a-kind custom bracelet that’s so perfectly made for you! 

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