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Stories of Strength from Survivors: Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Pura Vida + B4BC

October is a special time of year for so many reasons. Shifting your style for cooler weather, dressing to the nines with your gals for Halloween, the return of your favorite fall drinks... the list goes on. 📝 This month has a special place in our hearts because it marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we have so much to be excited about this year as we continue our partnership with Boarding for Breast Cancer (@b4bc.) 

Together, we’ve teamed up for an incredibly special charitable collection in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month that directly benefits the crucial mission that B4BC advocates for, day in and day out. Their mission has three key tenets: 

💕 Preparing young people with education on early detection

💕 Promoting the importance of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle as the best means of breast cancer prevention

💕 Providing survivor support for those who have been affected. 

All month long, portions of any collection purchase will be directly donated to aid in these B4BC causes. For each Half Flat Woven bracelet sold, Pura Vida will donate 100% of the purchase price to Boarding for Breast Cancer. For each Original Bracelet sold in October, Pura Vida will donate $1. These pieces are such important daily reminders of the faith, strength, and hope shown by cancer fighters every single day and the life-changing work B4BC does for the community. 🫶

Speaking of community, we’re so honored to tell you more about some of the special souls who shared their survivor stories with us. First, let’s hear from Brittany Broussard on her journey so far. 

Brittany Broussard

"I am a 38 year old mom of a beautiful 10-year-old girl and the daughter of a breast cancer survivor. 💞 I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020 & had a lumpectomy, beginning treatment right after. Five months after my last radiation treatment, I was diagnosed (again) with a larger tumor. While somewhat disappointed, I did not give up. I chose to fight cancer with a double mastectomy & went flat.

Shortly after the procedure, I developed severe necrosis and infection. While some may have chosen this moment to give up, I saw it as an opportunity to grow in my faith. I dug deep and fought, and my hope did not wane, even through the full hysterectomy I had later that year. I searched within myself for strength and remembered that I am a mother and a WARRIOR, and I would get through this. More than a year later, there are zero signs of cancer.

Some of your toughest roads can lead to your biggest blessings. I'm thankful to have been blessed with my journey. Being able to help others from my experiences has made the trip easier to endure and has helped me grow in ways that I had never thought of in the past. We all have a purpose, even when the control is completely out of our hands. You just got to learn to go with the flow and trust your path. It can lead to beautiful destinations."

Tamara Pearce

"Diagnosed on April 25, 2023, I embarked on a summer of exploration, delving into different avenues for healing. After careful consideration, I chose an alternative path, driven by my belief in the body's innate ability to heal when provided with the right tools. I have embraced a holistic approach that encompasses the well-being of my mind, body, and spirit. This journey has empowered me and granted me a unique perspective on life and healing.

My favorite piece of jewelry from this collection that holds a special place in my heart is the set of 3 layered rings. The set of 3 layered rings has resonated with me deeply because, to me, it beautifully symbolizes the intricate layers one must navigate when facing any illness, particularly when dealing with a disease like breast cancer. These layers encompass the body, mind, and soul, and they are all interconnected in the journey towards healing and recovery. They remind me of the strength and courage that surface during challenging times.

The entire Breast Cancer Awareness line symbolizes solidarity and unity for those facing the same battle. It serves as a bridge that connects women, reassuring us that we are not on this journey alone."

Kelly Key

"On June 28th, 2023, I was finally able to say that I am a Breast Cancer Survivor! After a long year of treatment- which included 17 chemo cycles, 15 treatments of radiation, and an oncoplastic lumpectomy- I am finished! 

I never thought by the age of 34 that I would experience so many life lessons. While it was the toughest year and fight of my life, it is also the year I grew the most. I look back and think to myself… how did I do that? There are so many emotions that encompass a cancer journey: pain, anger, tenacity, grit, sadness – but at the end of it all, I feel so thankful. I am so fortunate that my body was strong and accepted the treatment. That my doctors took my case seriously, because a lot of young patients get overlooked. That I was in a place that I could re-route my whole life to solely focus on my health and that I had the most incredible support system, who has been there for every single appointment. Every breast cancer survivor has his or her own story, but we all have this unique experience that no one truly understands unless they go through it. It binds us all together!

Each piece of this collection is a beautiful symbol of everyone who has been touched by breast cancer. It’s a reminder to create awareness, celebrate survivorship, remember loved ones that have passed, and show your support. My personal favorite is the Single-Stone Pink Bracelet. To me, it represents each individual that has battled this disease. I love having a constant reminder on my wrist that’s so beautiful, dainty, and elegant but encompasses so much meaning."

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