The best bracelets for men in 2023!

We’re almost through 2023, so there’s no better time to give yourself a wardrobe refresh and add some new accessories to the mix for a fresh new start next year! While there are plenty of ways to introduce different accessories into your style, the versatility and durability of a good bracelet make them a quality addition to your everyday lifestyle. 

For all the men out there: if you thought women were the only ones who could enjoy experimenting with accessories and finding their own piece of signature jewelry, think again! Keep reading as we list out the best bracelets for men in 2023. 

Why You Need The Best Bracelets For Men This Year

There are many ways for men to accessorize their looks in any setting, from a casual night in to a night out on the town with friends. But when it comes to accessories, the best men’s bracelets are a way for men to express themselves, start a conversation, and refine their style, among the many other reasons.

In 2023, we’re pushing the boundaries and breaking the rules all year long. Sporting best friend bracelets for men and finding the best beaded bracelets for men are both ways to show the world who you are and embrace your personal identity. So, what are the best men’s bracelets out there and how can you tell what makes a quality bracelet? 

Continue reading as we describe all the elements that make a good bracelet for men, and where you can find one for yourself!

What Makes The Best Bracelets For Men? Our Criteria For Ranking These Picks

Even though bracelets make a great accessory for men, you can’t choose just any other wrist accessory. What makes the best men’s bracelets great is how durable they are, the quality of materials they’re made from, how versatile they can be, and their comfortability, among other factors. 

So, let’s dive deeper into each of these aspects to see what truly makes the best men’s bracelets. 

Quality & Durability

First, you’ll want to select a bracelet that is made of quality materials and can withstand your everyday activities. From surfing to the office to the gym, you’ll want to make sure you find a men’s bracelet that fits your lifestyle and won’t break down after just one dip in the ocean. 

Going for bracelets that are waterproof can be a great tip to keep your bracelet in good shape for years to come, no matter what your lifestyle is. So, keep your eye out for bracelets with metal elements that may tarnish quickly or have materials that will easily fray with everyday use. 


Additionally, if you’re making bracelets a part of your everyday look, you’ll want to find some that are comfortable and don’t irritate your wrists. So even if you’ve found a bracelet that is made of good material and will last for years to come, you won’t want to continue wearing it if it’s not comfortable to wear. 

There are plenty of bracelets for men out there that become more comfortable the more they’re worn and are still made out of durable materials. With this in mind, you can do your research to find the men’s bracelets that will make you forget you even have them on!


As we mentioned above, the best men’s bracelets are ones that you can wear in any setting. So whether you’re in the mountains, out to dinner, or just hanging at home, the best beaded bracelets for men can still be a complement to any outfit, anywhere you want to wear them. 

A key part of making accessories like bracelets a part of your wardrobe is how easy it is to style them with the clothing you already have, so make sure that your new bracelets will be able to go with your current wardrobe so you can wear them every day. 


There are tons of different styles out there for men who are on the search for a quality bracelet. You can choose from a wide range of styles including braided bracelets, string bracelets, and even metal bracelets. Again, it’s important to find a bracelet that fits your own personal style so you’ll want to keep wearing it day after day. 

After all, there is no correct answer to what is the best men’s bracelet out there, because the best men’s bracelet is the one that makes you feel your best in all settings. When you find the right one that perfectly matches your style, you won’t want to take it off!


You don’t have to break the bank to find the best men’s bracelets. There are quality and comfortable men’s bracelets out there to fit any budget, including beaded bracelets and best friend bracelets. So when you’re online shopping for bracelets for men, don’t assume that the best men’s bracelets are the most expensive ones. 

Other Factors To Consider

When it comes to finding the best men’s bracelets, sometimes you need to look beyond the actual physical elements of the product. There are some brands out there that go above and beyond to do good in the community, and give back in any way they can. So not only do they make quality bracelets, but they’re actively making the world a better place with your purchase. 

Here at Pura Vida, we’ve made it a point to make a real positive impact on our planet and our communities. From San Diego to Central America and everywhere in-between, we’re embracing the “Pura Vida” lifestyle to support a better life for people and the Earth. 

So, What Are The Best Men’s Bracelets Of 2023?

Now that we’ve gone over what to look out for on your search for the best men’s bracelets, let’s take a look at which ones actually stand out from the rest. There’s no other place where you can find quality men’s bracelets to match any lifestyle, so look no further than Pura Vida’s bracelets for men

Why Pura Vida Is The #1 Choice For The Best Bracelets For Men

It’s no secret that Pura Vida continues to be a favorite among all people when it comes to finding the best bracelets. Made of quality and durable materials and backed by a mission that aims to do real good in the world, Pura Vida ranks at the top for men’s bracelets. 

And while our men’s bracelets are amazing, we have an entire selection of unique handmade bracelets that everyone will love. Take a look at some of our top sellers: 

Friendship Pack

If you were on the search for best friend bracelets for men, or anyone else, you’ve found the perfect product with the Pura Vida Friendship Pack. Purchasing this pack includes 10 of Pura Vida’s best-selling bracelets, including Coral Reefin’, Seafoam Seamonster, Hakuna Matata, and more. 

So whether you want to share these with your closest friends or mix and match them on your own wrists, you can style them in any way you wish. 

Pride Bracelet

Even though pride month has ended, there’s no reason you can’t celebrate and rep your colors all year long with a Pura Vida Pride Bracelet. Like any other Pura Vida bracelet, each one is completely waterproof and handmade, but you’re also supporting a good cause by wearing one. 

5% of the proceeds from each Pride Bracelet sold with be donated to The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LBGTQ youth. 

Multi Braided Bracelet

This Multi Braided Bracelet serves as a statement piece on any wrist. A thicker piece, it’s perfect for men's wrists in particular. There are a wide array of colors and styles to choose from, but we particularly love the Sandy Toes color combo for this upcoming winter season. Because every braided bracelet is waterproof, you can sport this piece while working out, snowboarding, swimming, you name it. Make this your go-to this season!

Beach Life Bracelet

The original product that started it all, you can never go wrong with the classic Beach Life Bracelet. As always, they’re completely handmade and 100% waterproof, and wax-coated, so they’re the perfect fit for any lifestyle on or off the beach. Each one is unique from the next, and the more you wear it, the better it looks! Don’t be afraid to accessorize with it at all hours of the day.

Flat Wide Woven Bracelet

The Flat Wide Woven Bracelet is the perfect addition to any man’s style. With such an intricate design, hours of work from our artisans go into each Flat Wide Woven Bracelet. The style of the bracelet gives a cuff look to your wrist, so it can be dressed up or dressed down for any setting. 

Plus, if you’re looking to create your own custom stacks, this can be a great base to build the rest of the stack. 

Engravable Bar Bracelet

A great way to customize your newest accessory is to consider the Engravable Bar Bracelet. Whether you prefer silver or rose gold, or you want it engraved with a certain name, message, or symbol, you can find the personalized option that’s right for you. Plus, they come in a variety of string colors and fonts, so you can design the bracelet that fits your style perfectly. 

Final Thoughts On The Best Bracelets For Men

So with a better idea of what the best bracelets for men are, you can try one (or a couple) out for yourself to see which one matches your style best. Remember that every man will have his own idea of what makes the best men’s bracelets, but keep in mind that the quality, durability, and versatility of a bracelet cannot be overlooked.

When it comes to quality bracelets backed by a powerful mission, there’s no other company out there doing it like Pura Vida. We have truly embraced the “Pura Vida” lifestyle, and are actively aiming to give back to the planet and our communities whenever and wherever we can. Shop Pura Vida today to join the movement for yourself. 

Are you looking for other men's jewelry? Our anklets for men are a popular pairing with all of the bracelets listed here.

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