What is Artisan Jewelry? The Meaning of Artisan Jewelry Explained.

As you shop for jewelry online or follow trends on Instagram, Tiktok, or Pinterest, one term you'll come across more often than others is “artisan-made”. What is artisan jewelry, though? What does artisan jewelry actually mean?

We're so glad you asked! Today, we're explaining the meaning behind artisan jewelry and dishing on what makes it so special. In short, this type of jewelry is crafted by expert artisans who make a living through their art. When you buy artisan jewelry, you're supporting these local artisans and their passion for making jewelry.

And at Pura Vida, our selection of artisan jewelry is as stunning as it gets! We'll talk more about why Pura Vida jewelry belongs in your collection later on. But first – what is artisan jewelry?

What is Artisan Jewelry?

So, what does artisan jewelry mean exactly?  Artisan jewelry is handmade jewelry crafted with skill and care. In contrast to machine-made jewelry, artisan pieces boast a human touch, which makes them one-of-a-kind. And we aren't just saying that – we’re totally not biased….at all! Because these are made by hand, each and every piece of artisan jewelry is as unique as you are! That’s part of the appeal 😉

Artisans use various methods to create their pieces, from traditional techniques like weaving and knotting to more modern ways like using tools such as laser cutting and 3D printing.

The hands at work behind these beautiful creations make artisan jewelry stand out from other styles of jewelry such as mass-produced baubles or costume jewelry for obvious reasons. Artisan pieces are created with much attention to detail and the quality of materials used can be something special too – often higher quality than what you find in your average jewelry store. 

Now, let's address another question we always get asked: What is artisan jewelry made of?

What is Artisan Jewelry Made of?

Let's talk about materials! The truth is, there are so many different materials artisan jewelry can be made from. It varies depending on the piece in question. And really, the possibilities are endless!

For example, the product that started it all for us at Pura Vida was string bracelets, and we still offer a wide range of artisan bracelets made from this simple little material. However, you will also find that artisans often use metals such as gold, silver, and copper. They may also incorporate precious stones or wood. There's really nothing that an artisan cannot use to create jewelry!

What Techniques do Artisans Use to Create Jewelry?

Part of what makes artisan-crafted jewelry so unique is the different techniques used to bring it to life. Take our braided bracelets or braided anklets, for example. These are made with a special technique called macramé, which involves knotting strings together to create intricate patterns that make the bracelets truly one-of-a-kind.

Of course, there are so many other types of jewelry out there besides braided jewelry, such as our beaded bracelets or beaded anklets. These are all handcrafted individually using unique techniques, too!

Now when it comes to metal bracelets or other types of precious metal jewelry, like our demi-fine jewelry line or artisan rings, the process looks a bit different than an artisan sitting down and meticulously weaving threads together. In the case of metal jewelry, the process involves smelting the metal and then shaping it into the desired form – whether that's a bracelet, ring, necklace, you name it!

Once you've watched an artisan work their magic to bring one of these pieces to life, you'll have a true appreciation for what they do. On that note, let's talk about a few reasons we love artisan-made jewelry – and why you will too!

Why is Artisan Jewelry so Great?

Artisan jewelry isn't just aesthetically pleasing, it has other benefits too.

First off, you're supporting local artisans when you purchase one of these hand-madepieces. These artisans have dedicated their lives to the craft, giving them an earned sense of pride and dignity when someone buys one of their pieces. This is something you can feel good about, and you know we're always looking for reasons to justify a shopping spree! If you are too, then artisan-made jewelry is for you.

Another reason we absolutely love artisan jewelry is the fact that it's created by hand. Because of this, it often has a higher quality than mass-produced jewelry. This craftsmanship makes these pieces truly unique and long-lasting, something you can pass down to the next generation. The attention to detail also really stands out!

Want to Experience the Magic of Pura Vida Artisan-Made Jewelry Yourself?

As you can see, there is so much to love about artisan-made jewelry in general, but where should you shop to ensure you're getting quality pieces forged through ethical partnerships with artisans worldwide? For that, you can look no further than the selection of stunning, masterfully-crafted, handmade jewelry at Pura Vida.

The Pura Vida Movement Began With Artisan Jewelry 

Our brand was born in 2010 when our founders took a trip to Costa Rica and experienced a whole new world. The people in this country actually took the time to slow down and celebrate life's simple pleasures – something we can learn from! After having the chance to meet the local artisans there, Griffin and Paul were inspired to bring home a slice of paradise with them.

So, they came up with a plan. They partnered with Jorge and Joaquin – two artisans they met – whose colorful, handmade bracelets perfectly captured the simple beauty of this tropical wonderland. They bought 400 bracelets and brought the laidback lifestyle straight home with them to share with their communities.

After putting the bracelets on display at local boutiques back home, they sold out within just a couple of days. It became clear that these bracelets were more than just a work of art – they resonated with people and meant something to them. Thus, Pura Vida, or “pure life” as the name translates to in Spanish, was born. The rest is history.

We're honored to employ over 650 San Salvadorians who help us make most of our string bracelet styles. Many of our sterling silver jewelry items come from India, where we employ over 100 New Delhians. You'll find Pura Vida artisans in every corner of the world working to create your favorites!

Today, we're still proud to partner with local artisans, but the movement has blossomed into something beyond our wildest dreams. With millions of bracelets sold every year, we're proud to be spreading the Pura Vida message every day!

Why Shop With Us?

Beyond simply attaining the most fun, stylish artisan jewelry, what makes Pura Vida the premier choice for all your jewelry needs? While it all began with bracelets, we've got so much more in store for you these days! From ankle bracelets to unique necklaces, unique rings, toe rings – you name it, we've got it.

Finally, when you purchase an artisan piece at Pura Vida, you're helping make a difference in the world too! We are on a mission to leave this world better than we found it - so each time you shop with us, your purchase will go towards supporting local artisans as well as charity and sustainable efforts around the globe.

To date, we've been able to provide over $4 million in contributions to 200+ different charities. We've been able to provide disaster relief to communities who need it most during times of crisis. And, we're creating a future for generations to follow, focusing on sustainability by planting trees and offsetting carbon emissions. We're proud of the work we've done so far, but we're just getting started – and it's only possible through the support of our community.

It's really no wonder why our community constantly comes back for more of our artisan jewelry for their everyday look or special occasion accessories! Not only are the pieces we offer stunning and unique, but this is a shopping spree you can feel good about. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring the Pura Vida site today and treat yourself (or that special someone) to unique, artisan jewelry!

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