What Side Do Anklets Go On?

Nothing compares to that top-of-the-word feeling you get from donning your new, stunning ankle bracelet from Pura Vida. A seamless way to add some flair to your feet and show off your personality - all while practicing the ‘Pure Life’ lifestyle and reminding yourself to slow down and celebrate life’s simple pleasures.

You may be wondering: does it matter which side you wear your ankle bracelet on? We’re here to take a deeper look at this topic and provide you with all the tips you need for wearing your favorite PV anklet. Let’s dive in!

What Side Do Anklets Go On?

You may have explored forums or heard from friends that there is some sort of secret message about which side of your body you wear your anklet on. We’re here to demystify the topic once and for all and tell you this: if you love how your jewelry looks and feel good wearing it, there is really no wrong way to wear it. That said, let’s recap some interpretations people have on what it means to wear your ankle bracelet on the left or right ankle, respectively.

What Does it Mean to Wear an Anklet on Your Right Ankle?

This is a 🔥 topic in the Pura Vida community. Some sources claim that wearing an anklet on the right ankle signifies that the wearer is single and looking for a romantic partner. Is that the real truth, though? Not always. 

The meaning of an anklet can vary greatly depending on the location and cultural context in which it is worn. In India and within some African Tribes, an anklet can act as a familial heirloom that indicates your status. Or, if a married person wears an anklet on the right foot, it may mean they are looking to get married again. That isn’t always the case, though.

Here in the Western world, an anklet usually doesn’t hold that same meaning. Your ankle jewelry is nothing more than a means of expressing your personality, style, or the Pura Vida way of life. There is no reason not to wear your anklet on the right ankle if that’s what you think will look and feel best. 

What Does it Mean When a Woman Wears an Anklet on Her Left Ankle?

The same speculation comes up when talking about the left side too. In the west, there’s no hidden meaning or symbolism of wearing it on the left side. In ancient times, though, it was commonplace in cultures like Hinduism for anklets to be worn on the left ankle as a talisman or charm offering protection against illness and bad omens. 

So… What Side Do Anklets Go On?

TLDR: no - it does not matter what side anklets go on from a cultural significance standpoint in this day and age. Wearing your ankle bracelet on your left or right ankle usually isn’t communicating a larger symbolic meaning or interpretation.

However, when determining which side suits you best, you should consider the rest of your jewelry collection. Are you curating a flawless stack by wearing multiple bracelets on one wrist? Try balancing out the look by wearing your anklets on the opposite side of your body. Or try creating contrast with different types of anklets on each ankle. Go with string anklets or braided anklets on one side, and beaded anklets on the other to switch it up! 

There are a ton of ways you can go about wearing anklets on either side. It’s not where you rock it - it’s how you rock it! If you step out with confidence and let your personality shine through, you’ll be showing off your anklets in style - and that’s what really matters!

Additional Tips for Wearing Anklets

ICYMI: we have a complete guide on how to put on an ankle bracelet that’ll take you through the ins and outs of your new handmade anklet from Pura Vida. However, here are a few more quick tips to get you started on the right foot (pun intended 🤭):

• Choose the right size anklet: It is important to select an anklet that fits well. This ensures your ankle sits upright - rather than drooping down on your heel, or squeezing your ankle and leaving a mark on your skin. The best way to gauge the right size is to measure just below where your calf meets your heel.

• Consider the style of the anklet: The style of the anklet should be appropriate for the occasion and should aim to match the style of your shoes. For example, middle or high-heel sandals are usually a good match for a more delicate, decorative anklet. And if you’re just running errands, headed to the beach, or keeping things casual, string or braided anklets may be a better fit. More formal occasions,call for an anklet that matches your ‘fit- like one of our demi-fine anklets, sterling silver anklets, or 18k gold anklets.

• Take care of your anklets: Proper care and maintenance are your BFFs in extending the life of your anklets and keeping them looking their best. Keeping anklets clean & dry and storing them carefully to prevent damage is essential for keeping your jewelry looking stunning for years to come. Our guide on how to clean bracelets can help with this - and don’t worry, the same rules apply to our anklets.

• Get the best anklets at Pura Vida: whether you’re on the hunt for anklets for men OR anklets for women, your search for the perfect anklet starts at stops with the collections we have in store for you at Pura Vida. No matter the style, we have expertly crafted options with quality that lasts. If you don’t have yours yet, head over to our site and see what you’re missing out on. 

Final Thoughts on What Side Anklets Go On

So, what’s the verdict? TBH, it totally doesn’t matter - you can wear your jewelry on either ankle and feel confident and on-trend. The most important part is pairing the right anklet with other jewelry and the rest of your outfit. Our blog has resources to help inspire the different looks you can put together around our anklets. 

We hope this quick article cleared up any rumors or misconceptions you may have. The only thing left to do now is head over to our site and get some new exciting styles to keep things fresh in your collection of artisan jewelry!

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