Where to Get Custom Jewelry Made Online

It’s time to create something completely new and unique. 🕐 Whether you’re looking for the perfect item to spice up your own jewelry collection or you’re on the hunt for a gift for someone special, customized jewelry is always a great route to take. 

Creating a custom piece means you’re getting something a one-of-a-kind that can’t be found anywhere else. Designing something from scratch gives you the opportunity to create something as unique and special as you are. 

Knowing where to find the best personalized jewelry is key. 🔑 Continue reading below as we reveal where to get custom jewelry made online, and talk through allllllll the considerations you’ll need to make when you’re choosing between different jewelry shops. 

Where You Get Your Custom Jewelry Matters!

Why is it so important to know where to get custom jewelry made? Knowing the right stores to shop from can have a major impact not only on the quality of the jewelry you receive, the price you pay for it, and how long it will last, but it can go as far to impact our communities and our planet. 🌎

With Pura Vida, you can shop confidently for custom-made jewelry knowing you’re browsing a store that takes care of its artisans and employs sustainable practices, and those principles can make all the difference. 

Especially today, we all want to know that the businesses we purchase from do more than offer the best bracelets for men or the best earrings for women, but that they’re actively working to better our planet every day. 

When you know which stores to shop from for custom jewelry, you can trust that you’ll only receive quality goods that were carefully crafted with the best materials. So, the choice isn’t one that should be made lightly. 

What to Consider Along Your Search for the Perfect Custom Jewelry

Figuring out where you can find the best custom jewelry online is the hard part. Let’s talk about critical things to keep in mind during your search. 🔍

Jewelry Selection & Quality

Needless to say, the best jewelry shop to buy your custom jewelry from will have a wide selection of high-quality pieces available for you to choose from, like metal bracelets, beaded anklets, or demi-fine jewelry

But be careful! Just because a store has tons of options available, doesn’t necessarily mean those options will be great quality. Or, sometimes you’ll find a store that offers great quality, but they only have a few options available. You want to make sure that the store you choose can do both. 

The best jewelry stores will have a wide selection available in amazing quality so you can keep going back for more to expand your collection. 

Customization Capabilities

You’ll want to shop at a jewelry store that has great customization options. After all, when you’re looking for custom jewelry, you want to be able to really make the piece unique and one-of-a-kind. 

So once you get serious about shopping, make sure you’re assessing what types of customization capabilities the store offers. 

A few questions to ask yourself: do they offer engraving abilities? Can you choose different fonts for the engraving? Can you engrave icons and symbols in addition to words and numbers? These are all important questions to keep in mind so you find the store that won’t limit you with its customization features.


Let’s talk money: is the price right? 💰 When it comes to custom-made jewelry, you’ll often find yourself knee deep in astronomical price points that aren’t accessible to most. When you finally narrow in on the best necklaces for women to customize, you don’t want to be shocked and disappointed by the price tag. 

There  are definitely stores out there that offer quality pieces of customizable jewelry, all at affordable prices. At Pura Vida, we know there’s no need to break the bank in order to get a quality piece of custom jewelry–you just need to search for the stores that value the affordability of their pieces. 

Turnaround Time

When you’re ordering your one-of-a-kind creation, you don’t want to shop at a store that will take weeks or months to deliver your piece. 

It’s (unfortunately) all too common with jewelry stores that offer custom pieces, and it can really drag on the experience and excitement you felt about finding the best bracelets for women to customize. 

The good news? The best custom jewelry stores will be able to provide you with quality pieces of personalized jewelry that fit all your specifications, without a lengthy turnaround time. 

Customer Support

Last, but certainly not least: the best store to get your custom jewelry from is the one that offers helpful customer support, from start to finish. 

When you’re creating a heartfelt custom gift (for yourself or a loved one), it’s crucial to work with a store that cares about your piece of jewelry as much as you do and will ensure you get the piece of your dreams. 

Where to Get Custom Jewelry Made Online That Checks All the Boxes

As you may have noticed, there’s a LOT to keep in mind to make sure you’re getting the best personalized jewelry out there. Thankfully, Pura Vida is an online jewelry store that ticks all the boxes (and more.) ☑️

With incredible selections of affordable personalized jewelry and a wonderful, purpose-driven mission, your search ends here for the best jewelry store for custom jewelry. 📍

Let’s dive deeper into what makes Pura Vida so special. 

Why Make Custom Jewelry at Pura Vida?

You may have already heard about our iconic string bracelets and braided bracelets, but maybe you’re just uncovering incredible collection of custom jewelry.

Pura Vida custom jewelry is the best available for various reasons, starting with the incredible quality that goes into each piece at affordable price points. 

We have tons of different customizing options available for you to use, and our amazing team will guide you along the way to help you get the perfectly customized piece of jewelry you’ve always dreamt of. 💭

The Different Types of Custom-Made Jewelry We Offer

Pura Vida offers many different styles of bracelets, necklaces, and rings that are customizable, meaning no matter your tastes, we have something for everyone!

You can start with our broad selection of personalized bracelets if you’re looking for something easy to slip on and off that goes perfectly with your everyday style. Or, you may want to browse the different types of custom necklaces we offer in both rose gold and silver finishes. We also  have an amazing assortment of personalized rings that you can choose from in a few different metal finishes. 😍

No matter what type of jewelry you want to customize or how you plan on personalizing it, you can trust we have everything you need to create the perfect piece. 

How to Get Started Today

Learning how to make engraved jewelry and placing your order at Pura Vida really is simple. First, select the piece of jewelry you want to customize. Once you’ve done that, you can browse the available styles we have for that specific piece, and then it’s time to start customizing!

We have a broad range of different fonts, symbols, and metal finishes you can choose from to make your piece just as unique as you are. 

Once you’ve settled on the customization you want, you simply place your order, and our team will get started crafting the piece to your liking. 🛍️

Wrapping Up: Where to Get Custom Jewelry Made

The search is over; you’ve finally found exactly where to get custom jewelry made for a piece that’s beautiful, high-quality, affordable, and durable. 

Between engraved bracelets, engraved rings, and engraved necklaces, you can pick your favorite styles, or get one of each!

If you’re not seeking something custom right now, we have tons of other collections you can choose from for your next piece. Check out our beaded necklaces when you need something fun to complement your outfit, an anklet bracelet for a fun and sporty day on the beach, or our Harry Potter jewelry collection for all our wizarding customers to rep their house colors! 🪄

Visit Pura Vida today to join the movement for yourself and see how easy it is to complete your jewelry collection with one of our custom pieces. 

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