Why Do People Wear Anklets & What Do Anklets Symbolize?

People have worn anklets for *thousands* of years (well before the trends of the early 2000s had their dawn.) You may even have a few stashed in your jewelry box – but have you ever explored the deeper meaning behind the timeless accessory or wondered: why do people wear anklets? What do anklets symbolize?

We’re here to give you the low down on where anklets got their start, what they mean, and where you can find the best ankle bracelet selections the internet has to offer. 💡

Why Do People Wear Anklets? General Anklet Uses and Meanings

Before we dive into larger symbolic meanings, let’s first understand why people reach for anklets in the first place. Then, we can learn all about the traditional uses of ankle bracelets and what they’re meant to represent.

They’re a Fun Way to Add Some Flair to Your Look

Needless to say, ankle bracelets are a simple but eye-catching way to add a unique touch to your everyday look. While other pieces like earrings or necklaces take a standard center stage, topping off your look with an anklet is a fun opportunity to differentiate your style and hone a signature look. 

Ankle bracelets are available in countless styles and materials, making it easy to find one that perfectly matches your vibe. If you’re new to the anklet game, fear not – we’ve curated a fool-proof guide to wearing and styling anklets that will answer any and all questions you may have. From how to put on an ankle bracelet, choosing the right type, when to leave them behind, and how to position them, we have you covered.  

What do Anklets Symbolize?

In many cultures, the importance of ankle bracelets goes well beyond topping off your look. Anklets have a rich history rooted in tradition and culture that carries weight, even to this day.

The ankle bracelet has remained a signature piece in cultures within South Asia and Egypt for centuries, giving wearers a unique, ornate way to establish their styles. They’re even used to illustrate the meaningful connection between feet and the Earth that supports us each and every day!

The cultural significance of anklets doesn’t stop there: in some traditions, wearing an anklet on a certain side is an indication that you’re married, and wearing one on the left side is a way to protect yourself from evil spirits with the help of an evil eye bead. 🧿

They Might be Your Good Luck Charm

Think of that one piece you can’t go a day without – for many, that’s their lucky anklet! They’re easy to slip on, so day-to-day wear is seamless. Plus: it’s never too late to manifest a new good luck charm, so this may be your sign to find one you love and add it to your everyday essentials.  

With so many styles of popular ankle bracelets to choose from, it’s easy to find one you love! Tons of anklets have a coastal, beachy feel; so ocean lovers always find themselves reaching for their favorite anklet before heading out to the beach.

What do Anklets Symbolize at Pura Vida?

The reasons why someone might want to wear an ankle bracelet are truly limitless. Here at Pura Vida, we’re known for our *stunning* selection of artisan-made jewelry packed full of intention–and, of course, our collection of handmade anklets is no exception.

Keep reading to learn how each ankle bracelet we offer at Pura Vida comes with its own unique meaning.

The Pura Vida Message

Pura Vida translates to ‘pure life’, and the Pura Vida way of living is an important reminder to slow down and enjoy the world and the people around you. When you put on that PV anklet, you’re giving yourself that reminder to slow down, take a deep breath, and celebrate life’s simple pleasures. The gorgeous styles and designs that you’ll find at our shop are just the icing on the cake.

Pura Vida – it’s more than just a phrase or a saying, and our anklets are more than just friendship bands. When you wear one of our ankle bracelets, you’re embarking on a whole new way of living your life guided by gratitude and enjoyment. 🌞

You’re Doing Your Part to Leave This World a Better Place

Whenever you catch a glimpse of your Pura Vida anklet, you have a beautiful reminder that you are part of an impactful community that gives back, takes care of our planet, and celebrates our global community of artisans. 

At Pura Vida, giving back is a key pillar to everything we do. We’re always looking for new ways to get involved and spread goodness in the world. That means every time YOU make a purchase from Pura Vida, you’re making an impact on the world by contributing to sustainable employment and artisan communities, giving back to charities, and helping to protect the environment!

Live the Pura Vida Lifestyle for Yourself with These Amazing Anklets

Anklets are an easy (and stylish) way to join the Pura Vida lifestyle movement. We have dozens of styles to choose from, so you can select the perfect anklet for your aesthetic! Whether you’re looking for a casual anklet or one that is more elegant and classy, we have the perfect look for you. 

Have your eye on a more dainty and unique look? Check out our demi-fine anklets, sterling silver anklets, and 18k gold anklets that bring a touch of elegance and glamour to every ‘fit. No matter your metal finish preference, we have options for you that will elevate your style. 

Looking for something more cahj? Our beaded anklets, braided anklets, string anklets, and woven anklets are the perfect fit for a lazy day on the beach or a hike in the mountains. With the help of waterproof materials, these anklets can withstand your active lifestyle and look great all day long. 

Final Thoughts: Anklets and their Meaning

Now that we’ve covered everything your questions like ‘why do people wear anklets?’ and ‘what do anklets symbolize?’ you can see why they’re such a great addition to any jewelry collection. 

Embedded in meaning and symbolism, adding an anklet to your rotation can do so much. It can show your connection to the Earth, be worn as a token of friendship, or even be your newest lucky charm!

No matter your reason, wearing a Pura Vida ankle bracelet is the daily much-needed reminder to slow down and enjoy life, the Pura Vida way. Plus: wearing a Pura Vida anklet is an amazing way to show how you’re giving back to global communities and caring for the planet around us. 

You’ll find incredible anklets for women and anklets for men–so there’s something for everyone, both in-store and online! Visit Pura Vida today to join the movement.

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