How-To: Feel Better Faster

I’m not trying to over or under simplify any one’s life. I am more so trying to help every one de-stress. I think a lot of the time we do things to our bodies that affect us more than we think. And the negative consequences are only going to affect us later on. We don’t see now what consuming five diet sodas a day does to us, but we will in thirty years. So why wait? Why wait for the negative consequences to catch up to us when we can start taking steps to improve our lives now? We should try to better ourselves everyday, so this is a short and simple list to help you start.
  1. Run outside. Instead of going to the gym to exercise, go for a run. And if you don’t get home until late and it’s dark, try getting up before work. If you make it a habit, it will get easier. Yes, waking up super early is hard, but as they say, your body starts remembering. It will get easier, I promise you.
  1. Write things down that you want to do as you think of them. Even if it’s a simple sticky note on your laptop titled, “Don’t Forget To Do Me” as awkward as that title may be. That way, you have a running list of things to accomplish, with no expiration date on them.
  1. Plan a date with your friends. Find a paddle-boarding Groupon together or a plan a spa date or a park date – just do something. That being said, if you continue to try and hang out with someone and they continuously don’t make an effort back, evaluate that relationship. If you are putting in X amount of effort and someone isn’t reciprocating, maybe they aren’t worth your valuable time.
  1. Force yourself to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. And try to eat less processed foods. All those chemicals are not good for you. Buying fresh produce isn’t as expensive as you might think. Contrary to common belief, buying ten different produce items from Sprouts is only about $10.
  1. Schedule a massage or spa date for yourself. I went and got one the other day and the therapist told me one of my leg muscles was “crunchy.” Right away, I was semi-terrified at what that meant. But she just told me years of not stretching correctly combined with playing sports and regular exercise caused some of my leg muscles to have calcium deposits on them. Which problem isn’t great, but at least I know that now, along with the steps I have to take to rectify that situation.
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