A Pura Vida Guide to Fun Date Spots

Here at Pura Vida, we like to keep things simple. Why complicate a situation that may already be semi-stressful? Because dating is hard, and for some, rare, we wanted to provide a list of five fun date ideas, in date order, to take that potential, special someone out to.
  1. First Date: Go to a pizza parlor for lunch. This is the perfect first date because it happens middle of the day and should only last an hour, tops. I also don’t think there is anything more casual than getting to know somebody over a slice of pizza. The great thing about it too is you don’t have to necessarily worry about what to get. And, it is super cheap, so when the bill comes, the date won't cost a fortune. Helpful hint: Make sure you don’t get pizza sauce in your teeth.
  1. Second Date: Go to Benihana Restaurant; or any other restaurant like it where you sit around an Asian man who cooks your food in front of you. You don’t necessarily have to worry about filling in awkward silences any more because you already know you at least like this person enough to go out with them on a second date. This is the perfect filler date too because you probably won’t be talking a lot due to the fact you are too busy ogling the food cooking in front of you. A place like this eases you into a situation with another person, and gives you the chance to relax first and talk later.
  1. Third Date: Go to a brewery. But go around 8:30p.m. or 9p.m., before all the drunk imbeciles start frequenting. You want to be able to go to a brewery and get a table, and you want to be able to get a drink in a timely manner. Also, if you want to continue to stay out later you can, or, if you aren’t having a good time you can just leave after the first beer. At this point, you know you like the person enough to see them again, but now you can gauge their ability to handle alcohol, which could potentially save you from a lot of drama in the future.
  1. Fourth Date: Go to a local show. This could be anything from a comedy show to a concert but this is the first step in actually building a memory with somebody. It gives you common ground, you have things to talk about afterwards, and because you won’t talk a lot during the show, you’ll have a lot to talk about after it.
  1. Fifth Date: Go to a sporting event. These are great because you have to actively pay attention to the situation around you so you can’t talk the whole time. And sporting events are usually exciting to be at - unless you are watching golf. The only downside to one of these dates is that they are usually long, so if at this point in your new relationship, you can’t hang out with this person for at least three hours, then they probably aren’t the one for you.
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