Anklet vs Bracelet: What’s the Difference & Which Should You Wear?

Refreshing your jewelry collection can get overwhelming. so. many. options! 🫠 Not to worry, though. Deciding which jewelry item is right for you doesn't have to be complicated, especially when you’re shopping with Pura Vida. 

If you’re stuck deciding between a bracelet or anklet–we have you covered. Keep reading!

Pura Vida has *tons* of different items and styles to choose from–including unique bracelets and a seemingly endless ankle bracelet collection. With each purchase, you’ll add an exciting new piece to your collection AND support an amazing cause. 🫶

Down below, we’ll walk you through the distinct difference between these two jewelry items, the different types of bracelets and anklets Pura Vida has to offer, and the best way to decide whether a bracelet or anklet is right for you. 

What’s the Difference Between Anklets vs Bracelets?

To start, let’s get clear on the difference between an anklet vs bracelet. The biggest difference, ofc, is where they’re placed on the body! A bracelet is worn on the wrist, an anklet/ankle bracelet is worn on the ankle. That part isn’t too complicated.

And you might guess, anklets tend to be bigger in size than bracelets since most people’s ankles are bigger than their wrists. This is another important distinction to keep in mind when you’re choosing your next favorite piece for your collection.

Bracelets and anklets can also be made from similar materials and add a similar feel to your style. TLDR: there really aren’t too many differences aside from how you wear them! So on those days you accidentally end up wearing an anklet as a bracelet or a bracelet as an anklet… don’t worry! Chances are no one will really notice. 😉

Should I Wear a Bracelet or Anklet?

Now that we know what sets the two pieces apart, which one should you wear on your next with your next ‘fit?

Nine times out of ten, it will all come down to your own personal preference, style, and the look you’re going for. While bracelets and anklets tend to be pretty similar, anklets do tend to be worn by more women than men. Don’t let that stop you though: your collection should be uniquely you and reflect your taste and style.

No stress: you’re never making a mistake by choosing to wear a bracelet instead of an anklet, or vice versa. It’s a totally personal choice. 

Why Not Wear Both?!

The internal debate of anklet vs bracelet can be real. It doesn’t have to be, though! You can always wear both at the same time.

If you know and love Pura Vida, chances are you’re familiar with how to stack bracelets to wear multiple at the same time. Wearing bracelets and anklets to complement the same look is really no different. 

When it comes to how to wear Pura Vida bracelets or anklets, there are no rules. so feel free to mix and match them in a way that compliments your unique style and makes you feel your best! 🥰

Whether You’re Looking for a Bracelet or Anklet, Pura Vida Has You Covered!

No matter your choice, bracelet or anklet (or both 👀,) you can always find the best ankle bracelets and best bracelets for men and women alike at Pura Vida. 

Keep reading to learn a bit more about the best bracelets for women AND men that you can find on our site, as well as our vast selection of anklets everyone can enjoy no matter their style.

It All Started With Bracelets…

Let’s go back to our roots, shall we? Before Pura Vida branched out to other jewelry items, the first chapter of the Pura Vida story started with bracelets back in 2010. 

While visiting Costa Rica that year, our founders instantly fell in love with the laid-back, ‘Pura Vida’ lifestyle the nation embodied. They quickly became friends with two local artisans, Jorge and Joaquin, who handcrafted beautiful colorful bracelets but struggled to survive on their artisan wages. 

Before long, Pura Vida’s founders sparked the idea to help support Jorge and Joaquin by partnering with them to create 400 string bracelets to take back to the states and sell. Those bracelets went on to sell out in just a few days! 

Even as the brand continues to grow, Pura Vida’s dedication to supporting artisans remains the same and has become a global movement. Today, more than a *million* of these bracelets are sold each year, and Pura Vida continues to directly support the artisans that handcraft them, in addition to other worthy causes in our communities and around the globe. 

Though the company was founded on our iconic string bracelets, there are SO many more  bracelet options to choose from today; including braided bracelets that are waterproof *and* adventure-friendly, metal bracelets, charm bracelets, personalized bracelets for an elevated look unique to you, and cute beaded bracelets that add some personality and charm to your everyday style. 

Bracelets, Anklets, and Beyond! 

Today, Pura Vida is way more than just bracelets. The brand now extends into incredible pieces for all of your jewelry needs, which includes a special selection of anklets for you to choose from. 

Our anklets are made from a number of different materials and come in a wide range of colors, styles, and designs allowing you to find the perfect match for your style and taste (just like our bracelets!)  

The beaded anklet line is a stellar option if you’re looking to add a little sparkle and shine to your everyday vibe, but still need an anklet sturdy enough to keep up with your active day-to-day. 

Now, braided anklets and string ankle bracelets tend to be the most versatile. They’re waterproof and perfect for whatever your day has in store, whether it’s a lazy day on the beach or a hike out on the trails. For a more elegant touch, check out our sterling silver anklets and 18k gold anklets – perfect for date night or a special occasion. 

Tips for Wearing Anklets and Bracelets

Once you’ve narrowed in on the perfect pieces from Pura Vida’s selection of anklets and bracelets, keep these next few tips in mind so you can ensure you’re getting the most out of your look. ✨ 

Creating Symmetry

If you want to don both anklets and bracelets at the same time, try creating some symmetry in your look by wearing them on opposite sides of your body. 

So if you typically show off your stack on your right wrist, test out an ankle bracelet on your left ankle for a balanced, dynamic look, or vice versa. 

Embracing Your Own Style

When pairing both anklets and bracelets in the same look, you can curate your choices in complementing styles and colors to create a cohesive, monochromatic moment. If that’s not your vibe, you can go bold and make a statement by mixing different designs and materials. 

Pairing items and refining your look is all about trial and error. Don’t be afraid to test out how different jewelry combinations mesh before you land on a look you love. 

Layering Your Look

Stacks don’t stop at bracelets. 🙅‍♀️ Try wearing both anklets and bracelets at the same time to create a layered look you love!

Say you can’t choose just one of each to wear. It’s time to style multiple at the same time to really make a stacked statement that feels true to you. 

Pick out a few of each that you think will go well with one another, and test them out to see how you like them. From there, adding or subtracting pieces accordingly helps you land on your desired look. 

Wrapping Up: Our Guide to Anklets vs Bracelets

At the end of the day, the choice doesn’t always have to be anklet vs bracelet. Both are beautiful, customizable items to add to your daily rotation for a flair of personality. Even more, wearing both at the same time means you never have to pick just one. 

Pura Vida is always here to provide bracelets for women or guy bracelets that you can feel great in. Plus, our collection features styles of  anklets for women and anklets for men with tons of different materials, styles, and designs to choose from. So… what’re you waiting for? 🤨 It’s time to start your search for one (or many) bracelets or anklets you’ll love. 

And remember, when you shop with Pura Vida for your jewelry, you know that you’re giving back to deserving artisans and communities all over the world with each purchase.  

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