Recounting the Origin and Evolution of the Anklet with Pura Vida

It’s time for a history lesson with Pura Vida! 👩‍🏫 If you love PV, you may own one or many of pieces from our vast selection of anklets. But have you ever wondered about the history of the anklet? We’re taking you on a deep dive into an anklet history lesson for jewelry lovers like you who want to learn more about one of their favorite accessories.

We're here to answer some of your burning questions about ankle bracelets - like where did the anklet originate? What’s the meaning behind this piece of jewelry, and how has it changed over the years? Then, we'll take you through where anklets sit today in the jewelry world and why you need to check out the amazing selection we've curated at Pura Vida (if you haven’t already). 😉

We've got a lot to cover today, so let's jump right in!

The History of the Anklet: From Origination to Present Day

To best understand the history of the anklet, we need to go alllllll the way back to the beginning where the anklet first got started. Let's rewind a few thousand years, shall we?

Where did the Anklet Originate?

The origin of the anklet may date back further than you’d think; stretching as far back as Ancient Egypt in some stories! That's, like, 8,000 years ago. Back then, anklets were donned as an ornamentation and sign of wealth - reserved for (and only for) sophisticated individuals wanting to look their best. Fun fact: women often wore them to show off the great fortune of their husbands, specifically. 

In that time, anklets were made with precious metals like gold and silver and were often charmed with stones, beads, or in some cases, precious jewels. They weren't just reserved for adults either - children of this era also wore anklets (but only if they were wealthy, of course.) 

Beyond wealth and status, anklets, in this time, symbolized a lot of things depending on where you lived! In some parts of Asia, they were used to show that a girl was available for marriage. In India they acted as a symbol of good luck (and, sometimes, they still do!)

Ancient middle eastern women wore theirs for similar reasons. In this region and time, even lower-class women began to catch onto the fun and flair of anklets - and they started making their own at home. This was a *huge* turning point in popularizing anklets and foreshadowed how they’re mostly used today - but we'll get to that later.

Now over to Ancient Greece 🛫: back in the day, ankle bracelets were seen more as an accessory rather than a symbol. Nevertheless, they still had their moment as a fun piece and helped pave the way to how anklets are used today. .

Anklets didn’t actually touch down in the states until the mid-1900s. Once they did, though, they went on to take off in the 20th century and solidify their staple status in the fashion game.

How Have Anklets Changed Over Time?

True of any fashion moment, anklet trends have come and gone. You won’t be shocked to see styles like chain-style anklets or those adorned with charms or pendants find their way in and out of the ranks.

But one thing remains true: no matter where you look or where you go, people will *always* be wearing anklets! And we don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon. As time progresses, more and more anklet styles have entered the conversation.

Where do Anklets Stand Today?

Today, anklets transcend cultures and generations - tbh, it seems like this jewelry item is more popular than ever! 

Women everywhere love wearing them; not only because they look great with any outfit, but because they provide a unique, customizable way to express ourselves without having to say anything at all. That doesn’t mean guys have to be left out to the fun - we love a man who can rock an ankle bracelet.

A common topic in the Pura Vida community is wondering about the underlying symbolism behind wearing an anklet. The truth is: there generally isn’t much! They’re loved for what they are: fun pieces of jewelry that help you put your personality on full display and compliment any look. 

Here at Pura Vida, though, our anklets actually do have a deeper message.

The message is an important one: reminding you to slow down and live the "Pure Life", as our name translates to. Life's simple moments of pleasure are what make it worth living. Sometimes, this is the sun on your skin or the breeze through your hair, the beautiful garden you find yourself wandering through, or the smell of the ocean. Next time you feel your anklet against your skin or look down and see it shimmering around your ankle, take it as your reminder to embrace the Pura Vida lifestyle. 🤙

Why You Should Shop Pura Vida For Your Next Anklet

Beyond guiding you in a life of purpose and gratitude, our anklets are expertly crafted with high-quality materials. This helps ensure they'll withstand the test of time and look beautiful, wear after wear. With so many stunning styles to choose from, we've definitely got the perfect pick for you in our catalog. No matter your preferences, no matter the occasion you're wearing it for, we’re confident you’ll find something you love. 

To name a few: 18k gold anklets or sterling silver anklets are perf for those instances where you want to elevate your look with a bit of sophistication. Our demi-fine anklets are your choice for adding a touch of elegance.

Or, explore our other handmade anklets! You'll love our string anklets, braided anklets, beaded anklets, woven anklets, or all of the other stunning ankle jewelry we have in store for you. From anklets for men to anklets for women, the options are limitless. 🤩 When you treat yourself (or someone special in your life) tot your next Pura Vida piece, you can do so knowing you're doing your part to help make the world a better place. 🌎

Through the support of our incredible community, we've been able to provide over $4 million in charitable donations to more than 200 worthy organizations! We've also been proud to provide disaster relief to those in need in the moments of crisis when they needed it most. We set out and work towards a more sustainable planet by planting trees and offsetting carbon emissions. We’re just getting started on our bold mission to create impactful change worldwide - so don't hesitate to join the community and browse all the best ankle bracelets we have available!

Wrapping Up: Our Lesson on the History of the Anklet

Aaand that concludes our anklet history lesson. We made it! 🎉 Now that you know where the anklet originated, how it changed over time, and where it sits today in the world of fashion: it's time to close out conversion on the history of the anklet.

The only thing left to do now is add one (or a few) to your collection! At Pura Vida, you'll never be pressed to find a  unique ankle bracelet that you simply can't leave without. Once you secure it, we have tons of great resources on how to wear anklets if you're looking for some inspiration on rocking your newest addition. Our selection is expansive, but carefully curated so there's something for everyone- regardless if you're looking for something subtle or bold! Check out our collection today for your next favorite piece. ✨

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