How to Fix a Broken Anklet: Tips for Repairing Damaged Ankle Jewelry

Tragic: you just broke your trusted anklet, your favorite piece of artisan jewelry. We’ve been there, accidents happen. Whether it gets caught on something while you're walking, or it’s simply worn down from age and it's falling apart - we understand the heartbreak.❤️‍🩹

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! In some cases, you can repair the anklet - at least to some extent. In this article, we'll talk about the instances in which you can fix it and we’ll walk through how to fix a broken anklet, breaking it down by the type of ankle bracelet. Then, we'll help you figure out what to do next if you can't somehow get your anklet fixed.

Can a Broken Anklet be Fixed?

The short answer: it depends. First, it depends on how the anklet was broken. If it's just a tiny crack or chip in one of the embellishments on the anklet, then yes - you may be able to fix the issue and continue wearing the jewelry for years to come. Or, say you have a beaded anklet, and the clasp has broken off - it’s tedious, but there are ways you can repair the problem and get the beads back in place.

But if your anklet is missing stones, pieces, or the metal of the anklet itself is warped beyond repair - that may be an unfortunate circumstance where it may not be possible to fully restore your anklet to its original glory. We’re here to help you assess the damage and determine if a fix is even possible.

How to Fix a Broken Anklet: Tips for Repairing Different Types of Anklets

Maybe your anklet has become overstretched or bent - either as a result of improper care, old age, or other damage. Perhaps your anklet got snagged on something while you were playing around or even just walking around the house - the worst. 😔

Either way, there’s a chance you immediately resort to stress - but don't! The good news is sometimes, you can fix the issue. If not? Oh well - you have a perfect excuse to find something new and exciting at Pura Vida to patch the hole in your heart! To start, allow us to provide some tips on how to fix a broken anklet (if it is salvageable) depending on what type of material your bracelet is made from:

Tips for Fixing a Broken String Anklet

If your anklet is made from string, there’s a strong chance you can fix the problem yourself. You just need to ask yourself how much you're willing to work for it. Because at a certain point, it may make more sense to just replace the piece all together with something new.

This is usually our recommendation when the broken anklet is simply past its glory days. You've had a good run with that anklet - and no matter how hard it may be, all good things come to an end! But, if your anklet is somewhat new and just got snagged on something to come undone, here are some ways you can fix the problem:

  • If your string anklet is braided, try to braid it back together. This may take some time and patience, but it can be done - and if you're in love with your braided anklet it's definitely worth the hassle.
  • If you have a woven anklet or another type of knotted string anklet, you should also be able to re-knot the pieces back together. Again, this gets tedious - so it's your call whether it's worth calling it a loss and finding something new. ✨
  • For simpler string anklets, use a needle and thread to stitch the broken pieces together. Or, see if someone in your life is good at sewing and willing to help you out in exchange for drinks or brunch!

Tips for Fixing a Broken Gold or Silver Anklet

Metal-based anklets, like sterling silver anklets or 18k gold anklets, tend to be much more difficult to repair yourself. It's really only possible if you have welding experience - which… we definitely do not. Sometimes you may be able to fix the anklet with glue - but that can end up looking messy and tacky, defeating the purpose of wearing the piece in the first place.

Depending on how the ankle bracelet is broken, you may be able to take it to a jewelry repair shop and see if they can fix the problem. But, real talk: those repairs can be expensive - so make sure you’re weighing your options because sometimes replacing the anklet altogether is the smarter option. 💰

Tips for Fixing a Broken Beaded Anklet

If your anklet is out of commission because the clasp broke off or some of the beads are missing, there are ways that you can fix this too! Here's how:

  • If your beaded anklet only has a few beads missing, replace those with new ones. You should be able to find similar colors or styles of beads at your local craft or bead store, or you can switch it up for a fresh new look.
  • If the clasp breaks off, you may be able to take it to a jewelry repair shop and have them fix the problem for you. Or, buy a new clasp (of a similar style) and attach that on instead.

What to do if You're Unable to Fix Your Broken Anklet

The sad truth: sometimes anklets are broken beyond repair - no matter how hard you try or how much money you spend. When this happens, it’s disappointing and you can quickly get down on yourself for not taking better care of your things. To top it all off, you have to part with a piece you loved and throw it in the 🗑️. The best way to bounce back? Treating yourself to a new anklet bracelet at Pura Vida!

Our selection features everything from string anklets to beaded anklets, demi-fine anklets, and everything in between. Our catalog takes you through the best ankle bracelets you've ever laid eyes on - carefully crafted from fine materials with incredible attention to detail.

We keep our prices low despite our high-quality, so you don't have to stress about the cost of replacing your old favorite anklet. Once you find a new muse, take a look through our tips on how to wear anklets, and follow along with us as we source constant inspiration from other people in our community on our blog and social media.

Replacing your favorite ankle with us does more than just mend your broken heart – you’re also supporting the Pura Vida movement that helps leave the world a better place. 🌎 

Your purchase helps us continue supporting worthy charities and sustainable efforts like planting trees and offsetting carbon emissions around the globe, allowing us to create impactful change. 

While you may not have come to this article in the best mood, *desperate* for a way to fix your broken anklet, we hope your time here helps you leave on a high note!

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Wrapping Up:  How to Fix a Broken Anklet

That’s all we have for you on how to fix a broken anklet. TLDR: sometimes, you can repair the damage - at least to a certain extent. Other times, you're better off "ripping the bandaid off" to speak, throwing the anklet away, and replacing it at Pura Vida. 🤙

We encourage you to read our articles on how to store bracelets and how to clean bracelets once you get your new anklet, as that same advice will apply to your new ankle jewelry and help you prolong the life of your new purchase. We also recommend checking out our jewelry cases for safekeeping to extend the life of your jewelry.

Whether you're looking for anklets for women or anklets for men, your new favorite piece of jewelry is at Pura Vida waiting to be discovered - head over to the site and find it today! 💗

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