Different Types of Anklets: Pura Vida’s Popular Styles, Explained

Angsting for a fun, new, versatile piece for your jewelry collection? We know just the thing. The only question is: where do you even start? Which of the different types of anklets is right for you? 

There are so many different styles these days, and each has its unique place in your jewelry collection. The good news? You can stock up on *all* of them here at Pura Vida. 🛒

If you’re having trouble deciding, don’t stress, we’re here to help. We're going to talk alllllll about the key differences between anklet types. From simple string anklets, beaded anklets, braided or woven anklets, and even demi-fine anklets, we’ll walk you through all of it. By the time we’re through this short guide, you'll know exactly which style is right for you. Once you do, you’ll feel confident and prepared to check out our catalog and find the perfect ankle bracelet for your everyday rotation! 🫶

How Many Types of Anklets Are There?

First, let’s tackle a common question: how many types of anklets are there? Depending on who you ask, you may get a different answer. TBH, the number can be as high as 10+. But, let’s keep things simple today. Let’s lump all the various ankle bracelet styles into one of four key categories: 

  • String ankle bracelets
  • Braided ankle bracelets (or woven ankle bracelets)
  • Beaded ankle bracelets
  • Demi fine ankle bracelets

Now the big question: what separates these styles from each other, and which is right for you? Take a look below as we dive deep into the various anklet styles.

What are the Different Types of Anklets?

Let’s get down to the details: Below, you’ll find more on the four primary anklet types - each of which you can find within our catalog over at Pura Vida. We'll talk about what these styles look like, what makes them so great, and when/how to wear them. Let's start with a simple - yet stunning - type of ankle bracelet.

String Anklets

Simple, yet tasteful String anklets feature a single thread or twine to create a delicate ring that wraps around your ankle. They come in a range of different colors - from black to white and everything in between - so you can find one that perfectly matches all of your favorite wardrobe staples. Oftentime, you'll find sweet embellishments on these to really add some flair to your ankle.

These types of anklets pair best with casual, everyday looks. They can be worn as a beach accessory, or dressed up for an evening outfit when you're going out for the night. These are generally the most common type of waterproof anklet - so they're perfect for summertime when you're constantly swimming! 🌊

Braided Anklets

Next on the list of types of anklets: braided anklets, AKA woven anklets. Whatever you call them, one thing’s for sure - they're gorge.

Unlike string ankle bracelets, these feature multiple strands of thread that are intricately woven together. The strings are often different colors, creating a captivating visual pattern that catches eyes and steals the show.

These anklets look best paired with boho-style outfits - think flowery sundresses or flowy kaftans. Or, they can be worn to add a little somethin’ to everyday ‘fits. There’s truly never a bad time for these when the destination is somewhere laid back!

Beaded Anklets

Let’s talk the beaded anklet next. As you might guess, these types of ankle bracelets feature beads that are strung along a string or twine. The beads can be round, oval, or in unique shapes allowing for limitless possibilities. 🌠

From casual to dressy looks, beaded anklets can elevate any look. One tip to keep in mind: they tend to look best when paired with more traditional or classic styles. Don’ forget tot reach for these styles when you’re getting ready fo the beach: they’re a fun take on the waterproof ankle bracelet trend.

Demi-Fine Anklets

Last, but never least: demi-fine anklets. These types of ankle bracelets feature more sophisticated, high-end materials - think 18k gold anklets and sterling silver anklets. They shimmer in the light and command attention when you add them to your look. You’ll often find them adorned with stones for added aesthetic appeal. 

Demi-fine anklets are stunning worn alone or layered with other anklet styles. They can be dressed up to wear with a night-out look, or down for a casual day around town. For an elegant accessory that adds just the right touch of sparkle, these types of ankle bracelets are your go-to. ✨

Which of the Types of Anklets is Right For Me?

Now, it’s almost time to decide which style is right for you. No matter which way you’re leaning - you can browse with confidence knowing you can find your perfect pick at Pura Vida. From something dainty and delicate like a string anklet or something more elaborate with colorful beads, we've got you covered. Here's a quick roundup of the anklet types and how best to wear them:

  • String Anklets look best with casual, everyday looks. These can be your go-to for beach days, camping trips, errands around town, nights-in with your crew - any sort of laidback setting. They're the most subtle choice - perfect for a ~ mellow ~ vibe.
  • Braided Anklets look perfect when paired with boho-style outfits. They’re similar to string anklets in erring more on the casual side. They have just a bit more pop than string anklets - so pick these when you want something with a bit more zest.
  • Beaded Anklets look great when worn with any outfit - from casual to dressy. We love them for summertime especially, as you'll find beads made from puka shells, pearls, and other beachy styles. Even more, they're perfect for endless settings beyond the beach.
  • Demi-Fine Anklets are perfect for adding a touch of sparkle and elegance to any look. These pair best in more formal settings - but you can't go wrong wearing these to dress up a more casual look, either.

No matter the style, your anklet will be sure to make a statement wherever you go. You won’t be disappointed in our variety of anklet types at Pura Vida, so start exploring today to find the perfect handmade anklet for your needs.

To really pull it off, study up on our great article on how to wear anklets with style. It details tips for putting outfits together, stacking anklets, and more. This read will have you feeling ready and confident to rock anklets, no matter the occasion.

Wrapping up: Different Types of Anklets

We’ve reached the end of our breakdown of the different types of anklets. We hope you have a clearer understanding of all the anklet styles you may come across throughout your travels. All of these have a place in your artisan jewelry collection - and all of these are available right here at Pura Vida in our unique ankle bracelet collection! You'll find both anklets for women and anklets for men - we've got it all.

Shopping at Pura Vida goes beyond ordering a high-quality accessory that helps you stand out. You're getting a special piece of ankle jewelry that takes a moment to remind you to slow down and embrace the Pura Vida lifestyle. The simple pleasures and beautiful little moments you encounter every day are the things that make life worth living - and our jewelry helps you keep that in mind. ☀️

Your order is more than just a purchase: each piece helps support our mission to create meaningful change worldwide. To date, we've been able to donate over $4 million to more than 200 different charities around the globe. We've been able to provide disaster relief, plant trees, offset carbon emissions, and do more to leave this planet better than we found it.

So, where to next? Get the best ankle bracelets today at Pura Vida and get out there!

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