Bracelet Storage Ideas to Keep Them Stunning for the Long Haul

Your Pura Vida bracelets are carefully crafted works of art, and if you're like most of our community, you never want to take them off (we’re in the same boat 🚣🏽)! But, as your collection continues to grow, more and more of your bracelets are going to be in storage (even if you stack your bracelets) at one point or another.

So, to help you keep your bracelets looking as stunning as they did the day you got them, we're going to teach you how to store bracelets correctly. This complete guide to bracelet storage will explain the importance of proper storage in the first place. Then, we'll share a few different ways you can store your Pura Vida bracelets, and wrap things up with a few bonus tips for bracelet maintenance and care. We've got a lot to cover, so let's get started!

Why is Learning How to Store Bracelets So Important?

First things first: Why exactly is it important to discover the best way to store bracelets? Well, think about it like this. The better you organize your bracelets, the easier it will be to grab your favorite picks and put them on as you get ready. Avoiding tangles and knots in your bracelets (especially if you have a lot of them!) is one of the biggest benefits to proper bracelet organization and storage. No one likes having to untangle a bracelet before they can wear it, so learning how to store bracelets correctly will save you time (and maybe even a little bit of frustration) down the road.

But beyond the organization aspect, the bracelet storage ideas we're going to share with you today will extend the life of your bracelets. You won't have to stress about moisture ruining certain pieces, particularly our demi fine bracelets or other metal bracelets. Even some of our charmed bracelets can wear down and lose their shine if moisture tarnishes the metal.

Now that you know why learning how to store bracelets is so important, let's move on to the different ways you can make it happen!

How to Store Bracelets: Storage Ideas for Simple Organization

Now that we know how crucial it is to learn how to store your bracelets when not in use, it's time to explore all the different ways you can do this. We have quite a few different bracelet storage ideas to share with you today! 

Bracelet Storage Idea #1: Use a Jewelry Stand

One of the simplest ways to keep your bracelets organized is by using a jewelry stand. You can find these online or in most stores that sell home goods, and they come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. The great thing about bracelet stands is that they let you see all your bracelets at once, making it easier for you to grab the one (or two, or five...) you want to wear each day. If you have a lot of bracelets, we recommend opting for a bracelet stand with multiple tiers or levels. This will give you more storage space while still allowing you to see all your beautiful bracelets at the same time!

Bracelet Storage Idea #2: Use Wall Hooks (the Best Way to Store Bracelets if You Want to Show Them Off!)

Another popular option for bracelet storage is using wall hooks. This is a great choice if you want to keep your bracelets away from other jewelry pieces (like necklaces or rings) that might tangle with them. You can find wall hooks at most home goods stores, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles. Just make sure you choose ones that will accommodate the thickness of your bracelets!

If this idea piques your interest and you want to get your craft on, we actually have a complete guide on creating a DIY bracelet holder in our blog! You can read it for the full scoop - but we'll summarize it for you below.

First things first: Grab a cute knob from your local hardware or craft store. This is where you can add your own flair and style. You'll also need some sort of chain link and some S-hooks. You can probably find all three of these essentials at your local hardwood store. Once you've got your supplies it's time to put it all together.

Fasten your chain around the screw on your knob. Then, screw your knob into the wall where you want your bracelets to be hung. Now comes the fun part – organizing your bracelets and hanging them on the chain! You can put individual bracelets on the S-hooks if you have just a few bracelets. But if you have an extensive collection, it might make more sense to organize them by color. Or, you can take things another direction and put all your braided bracelets on one hook, all your beaded bracelets on another hook, and all your string bracelets on a third hook. This is totally up to you, so take it in whatever direction feels best and makes the most sense for your unique collection!

If you like this bracelet storage idea but don't want your bracelets dangling from your bedroom wall, you can place them out of sight in a cabinet, in your closet, or anywhere you can hang them. This is actually the ideal approach from a bracelet care standpoint because it offers a greater degree of protection from moisture, dust, and sunlight.

Additional Bracelet Storage Ideas

If you're really short on space, don't worry – we have bracelet storage ideas for you, too. One option is to use small containers like pill boxes or film canisters. These are great for storing individual bracelets (or even groups of thin bracelets) without taking up too much space on your dresser or nightstand. Just make sure to line the bottom of each container with felt or another soft material to keep your bracelets from getting scratched.

Finally, if you want an option that's both cute and functional, try using a jewelry tree! These are perfect for storing all sorts of jewelry, not just bracelets. That means you can also store ankletsnecklacesunique rings, and more! These jewelry trees definitely do the trick when it comes to keeping your bracelets organized and tangle-free. You can find them at stores that sell home goods.

Additional Tips for Caring for and Storing Your Bracelets

Now that you know how to store your bracelets, here are a few additional tips to keep them looking stunning for years to come:

  • Keep them away from harsh chemicals like bleach.
  • Avoid getting them wet whenever possible – take them off before swimming, showering, etc.
  • Store them in a cool, dry place.
  • If you're traveling, store your bracelets in a safe place where they won't get jostled around too much. We recommend investing in a travel jewelry case if you plan on taking your bracelets with you on vacation!

Final Thoughts on the Best Way to Store Bracelets for Organization & Protection

Phew! That was a lot of information! But we hope it was helpful. We hope this post has given you some ideas for how to store your bracelets. Just remember: The best way to keep your bracelets looking stunning is to take care of them and store them properly when you're not wearing them. 

If you're looking for a sign to treat yourself to some new unique bracelets (or you want to spoil a loved one) this is it! Head over to our site and explore our full catalog of men's bracelets and women's bracelets.

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