How to Wear Bracelets: The Complete Guide

No matter how you wear them, Pura Vida bracelets always look stunning and score you some major compliments. But there's no doubt about want to get the most out of this look and really bring it together! There are so many different ways you can go about wearing your bracelets that it may get overwhelming. But fortunately, you've come to the right place. Today, we're going to teach you how to really wear bracelets, no matter your style preferences, gender, or bracelet type!

We'll talk you through how to wear bracelets of different colors and styles at once – and, we'll guide you through wearing bracelets with a watch, with small wrists, and much, much more. By the end of this guide, you'll feel confident in wearing your bracelets in a number of different combinations. Well, we're not going to hold you in suspense any longer! Let's get right to the discussion at hand:

How to Wear Bracelets: The Complete Guide

It sounds so simple. Just put the bracelets on your wrist, right? And to a certain extent, it really can be that easy. However, if you're looking to show off your bracelets to the fullest, there are a few things you should know when planning your outfit as a whole and choosing your bracelets to match. Let's first discuss how to choose the right bracelet(s) based on your outfit or the intended look.

Start By Considering Your Intended Look

One of the best things about our unique bracelets is how versatile they are. We have SO many different styles to choose from. Of course, you're familiar with our classic string bracelets. Maybe you've even got some of our woven bracelets or bracelets with beads. But, we also have charmed bracelets, metal bracelets, and a brand new line of demi fine bracelets! Our PV community loves all the variety we have to offer – it means you can find the perfect bracelet(s) for any look 🤷🏻‍♀️

Headed to the beach? You can put together a fun jewelry stack with bright, vibrant string bracelets and woven bracelets. Or, consider some bracelets with beads!

Got a dinner date? You might want to go with one of our demi-fine braceletsmetal bracelets, or a bracelet with a charm depending on the restaurant 🍝

The point is, you should carefully consider the intended look you have in mind before starting to choose bracelets. Once you know the vibe, you can start to work backward and plan the rest of your outfit – including your bracelets. With all that said, let's move on to how to pair bracelets with the rest of your look.

How to Wear Bracelets so They Compliment the Rest of Your Outfit

Your bracelets are the finishing touch to your outfit. They should work with everything else you're wearing – not against it. Here are a few general tips for how to wear bracelets so they always look amazing:

  • If you have a lot going on with your clothing (lots of patterns or colors), then keep your bracelet(s) simple. They should accentuate the outfit as a whole, not steal the thunder from the rest of your outfit (unless, of course, you want your bracelets to be the star of the show)! 
  • If you're wearing a statement piece of jewelry, like a necklace or earrings, then choose more subtle bracelets. In general, you don't want too many "statement pieces" on at once. We like to have one big statement piece and then have the rest of our look be complimentary.
  • Remember, these are just guidelines. The best way to see what works is to experiment and try different things out. Your style is unique, and the manner in which you style your bracelets should be too! The great thing about bracelets is that they're easy to switch out, so you can always change up your look if you're not happy with it 😜

Quick Tips on Wearing Multiple Bracelets at Once

One of the most common questions we get in regards to wearing bracelets is: How do I stack them? So, we actually wrote a complete guide on the subject. For the entire breakdown on how to stack bracelets, check out our blog post! We also have a bunch of bracelet stacking ideas here. If you just want the cliff notes version, keep reading below:

  • If you're new to bracelet stacking, start with just a few bracelets and keep things simple so you don't get overwhelmed. Once you get the hang of it, you can add more.
  • When stacking multiple bracelets, mix and match different bracelet types, like a string bracelet with a charm bracelet. This adds interest and depth to your look!
  • The order in which you put on your bracelets actually does matter! The bracelet that will lay on top of your wrist should go on first - that way, the rest of your bracelets can fall nicely into place.
  • Try not to make your bracelet stack too themed. In other words, don't choose all rose gold bracelets or all black bracelets. A little bit of variety is always a good idea! 

Now that we've talked about coordinating your bracelets with the rest of your outfit, let's move on to some specific bracelet-wearing scenarios.

How to Wear a Bracelet with a Watch

This is a common question we get: How do I wear bracelets with a watch? When it comes to wearing bracelets with a watch, the easiest approach is to just put your bracelet(s) on first and then put on your watch. If you have small wrists, this might not be the most comfortable option as it can feel a bit cramped. In this case, you can put your watch on first and then put your bracelet(s) on top.

Another option is to wear your watch on one wrist and your bracelet(s) on the other. This is a more modern take and allows you to mix and match different jewelry pieces. We prefer this style so that the watch and bracelets don't detract from each other. Each of them is beautiful in their own regard and should be given the opportunity to shine!

How to Wear Bracelets with a Small Wrist

If you have a small wrist, it's actually really easy to wear bracelets. The key is to choose thinner bracelets, like string bracelets or braided bracelets. These types of bracelets are more delicate and won't overwhelm your wrist like a chunky beaded bracelet might. You can also take a look at our new Demi Fine jewelry collection, as the bracelets in this collection are super chic and dainty – a perfect match for you! 

Another tip for those with small wrists is to choose bracelets that have an adjustable closure. This way, you can make the bracelet as tight or loose as you need it to be. No one wants a bracelet that's falling off their wrist all day long!

How to Wear Bracelets for Guys vs Gals: Is There a Difference?

Pura Vida offers a diverse range of both men's bracelets and women's bracelets, but do the recommendations or styling tips vary based on your gender? 

For the most part, no. The only thing we would say is that men's bracelets tend to be a bit wider and chunkier than women's bracelets. This is because, on average, men have larger wrists than women. That said, we know that not all men have large wrists, and not all women have small wrists! So, it's really up to you to decide what looks and feels best for YOU.

If you're a guy shopping in the women's section, don't be afraid to mix and match different bracelet types and colors. And, if you're a woman shopping in the men's section, feel free to do the same! The only thing that matters is that you find bracelets that you love and that make you feel good.

Final Thoughts on How to Wear Bracelets by Pura Vida

We hope this guide was helpful in teaching you all about wearing bracelets with style and flair! Remember, there are no hard and fast rules – it's really up to you to experiment and see what looks best. The most important thing is that you have fun with it and express your unique sense of style.

And, if you're ever in doubt, just take a look at how our pieces are styled on Instagram, Pinterest, or other platforms. You'll definitely find some inspiration to influence your own unique look and vibe. No matter how you wear your Pura Vida bracelets, just remember to do so confidently, and remember to slow down and celebrate life's simple pleasures. Our jewelry is a constant reminder to live the "Pure Life" 🤙🏽

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