Valentine’s Bouquet Building with Pura Vida

VALENTINE’S DAY IS JUST DAYS AWAY! 🚨 If you still haven’t secured a special something for your sweetheart, don’t fret: there are lots of options for genuine and heartfelt gifts you can get last minute. If you ask us, the best option is anything and everything from our latest Valentine’s Collection, but we’re biased. 😉

For other ideas, flowers are a always failproof gift for Valentine’s, birthdays, anniversaries, or even just because. Here’s a pro tip: take it up a notch and score extra points by sourcing different blooms and assembling the bouquet yourself for a thoughtful touch. If you're up for the challenge, we’ve put together an easy-to-follow, step-by-step flower arrangement guide to gift your girl, your guy, or yourself. 🩷

Step One: Decide on a Design 

The design you choose for your darling should be a reflection of them, and there are tons of different directions you can go in. The vibe of your design can range from classic to garden to boho to artistic, and the bundles you choose should align with that choice. 🎨

Step Two: Prep your Petals

Once you have a bunch of bundles you feel great about, it’s time to prepare your flowers. First and foremost, you must remove extra leaves and damaged petals from any and all stems. If there are unwanted buds on the same stem as a full flower, cut those off as well.

Once the stems are clean, it’s time to cut. Go ahead and make a diagonal cut to the bottom of the stems and then put the trimmed stems into a vase or bucket of water (this doesn't have to be your final vessel) along with flower food.

Step Three: Select and Prepare your Vessel

Speaking of vessels, this is the step where you would choose one to match your bouquet. This step is optional, though, as you may want to let the person you’re gifting make the final call. If you do choose a vase ahead of time, make sure you use it to create a strong foundation. 💐

Step Four: Begin your Base

You now have everything you need to begin building your base. Your base should mostly consist of greenery. Popular go-to options include ivy, fern, and eucalyptus. By creating an inverted triangle shape with your greenery, you will help give your boutique both vertical and horizontal presence. Oh, and don’t forget to recut your stems before adding them to the vase. ✂️

Step Five: Find your Focal Flowers

Now it’s time to choose the star of the show! Focal flowers are often the largest blooms from the bundles you chose or those with unique texture and color. Avoid placing these blooms on the outside of your design to prevent drooping or making your arrangement look heavy.

Step Six: Fold in Filler Flowers

This is where the smaller flowers and different textural elements come into play. Similar to the focal flowers, you’ll want to avoid placing these pieces straight up or to the sides. You can combine these smaller flowers into groups of three to five to create a cluster effect that mirrors what happens in nature. 🌸

Step Seven: Focus on the Finishing Touches

It’s time to bring it all together! You have the bulk of your bouquet at this point, all you need to do is top it off with floaters and delicate blooms that you’ll want to add last to avoid being buried by heavier blooms. Once you’re finished, be sure to lightly spritz your beautiful creation and remind your honey to refill the vase as needed.

A gift that’s thoughtful AND simple?! This one’s sure to be a winner. We hope whoever you’re treating loves the design you dedicated to them and we hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day. ♥️

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